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Jiaspeed Touchscreen Motorcycle Sport Gloves - We Got Character Toys N More
Jiaspeed Touchscreen Motorcycle Sport Gloves- We Got Character Toys N More

Jiaspeed Touchscreen Motorcycle Sport Gloves

$ 19.99 

About this item

  • Advanced powersports protective gloves gear: Suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, such as motorcycles, tactical, climbing, hiking, camping, etc.
  • Good touch Screen function: motorcycle gloves feature a military-grade metal fiber on the index finger to ensure that the touch screen never fails. We have conducted rigorous friction tests, and even after ten thousand tests, the gloves maintain excellent touch screen sensitivity.
  • All-Round Protection: The riding gloves palm is equipped with a large number of anti-slip particles and an extra thickened reinforced foam pad. The back of the hand is covered with large, high-hardness resin knuckles, providing excellent impact resistance, tear resistance, and wear resistance. The gloves protect not only the knuckles but also the wrist
  • Excellent Comfort: After studying a large amount of American rider hand model data, we have adopted a design that fits the curves of the hand, using softer and more comfortable materials. This not only fits the palm size perfectly, but also ensures a comfortable wearing experience during long rides.
  • Durable upgrade: There are many products on the market that are prone to unraveling, tearing, or falling apart. However, motorcycle gloves use a more durable nylon fiber thread that is resistant to water, abrasion, sweat, and high temperatures. They are also crafted with 3D five-thread lock-stitching technology, ensuring both comfort and breathability, while greatly increasing the lifespan of the gloves.
  • Professional Recommendation: Both novice and professional riders will fall in love with the appearance, comfort, and reliable quality of AFISEL guantes para motocicleta hombre. They not only enhance your precision and experience in handling, but also provide stability and confidence during your ride.
  • Condition: New